Another Poet

Another poet will have to say
how much I love you
I'm too busy now with the Arabian Sea
and its perverse repetitions
of white and grey

I'm tired of telling you
and so are the trees
and so are the deck chairs 

Yes, I have given up a lot of things
in the last few minutes
including the great honour
of saying I love you

I've become thin and beautiful again
I shaved off my grandfather's beard
I'm loose in the belt
and tight in the jowl

Crazy young beauties
still covered with the grime
of ashrams and shrines
examine their imagination
in an old man's room

Boys change their lives
in the wake of my gait
anxious to study 
elusive realities
under my hypnotic indifference

The grain of the whale
crowns the edge of the water
like a lurid sunset
but all I ever see
is you or You
or you in You
or You in you

Confusing to everyone else 
but to me
total employment

I introduce 
the young to the young
They dance away in misery
while I conspire 
with the Arabian Sea
to create 
an ugly silence
which gets the ocean
off my back
and more important
lets another poet say
how much I love you

Leonard Cohen, Another poet

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