Ne me quitte pas

"Ne me quitte pas" ("Don't Leave Me") is a song written and sung in French by the Belgian chansonnier (singer-songwriter) Jacques Brel in 1959. It has been covered in the original French by many artists and has also been translated into and performed in many other languages. A well-known English version - by Rod McKuen - is called "If You Go Away".

Jacques Brel first recorded this song on 11 September 1959, and it is on his album La Valse à Mille Temps. The song is published by Warner-Chappell Publishing. In 1961, he recorded a Flemish version of the song, entitled "Laat Me Niet Alleen". In 1972, Brel recorded another version as the title track of his album Ne Me Quitte Pas.

The lyrics "Moi, je t'offrirai des perles de pluie venues de pays où il ne pleut pas" ("I'll give you pearls of rain that come from lands where it does not rain") are sung to a theme borrowed from the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 by the composer Franz Liszt.

''Ne me quitte pas'' was written after Brel was thrown out of Zizou's (Suzanne Gabriello - his mistress at the time) life after casting shame and sadness upon her. Zizou was pregnant with Brel's child and had an abortion after Brel refused fatherhood.

It is considered by some as "Brel's ultimate classic". He would later say in an interview that the song is not a love song, but rather a song about the cowardice of men.

Nina Simone performed a well known cover of the song, in her 1965 album I Put A Spell On You. "Ne Me Quitte Pas" was used by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar in his sixth film, Law of Desire, in a striking performance by Brazilian singer Maysa Matarazzo.

Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Il faut oublier                     it 's neccesary to forget
Tout peut s'oublier             everything you need to forget
Qui s'enfuit deja                 which is already over 
Oublier le temps                 forget the times
Des malentendus                of the misunderstandings
Et le temps perdu               the lost time
A savoir comment               to know how
Oublier ces heures              forget the houres
Qui tuaient parfois             which sometimes kill
A coups de pourquoi           he reasons why
Le coeur du bonheur           the heart full of joy

Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me

Moi je t'offrirai                   I offer you
Des perles de pluie              pearles of rain
Venues de pays                   coming from countries
Ou il ne pleut pas               where it never rains
Je creus'rai la terre             I will cross the world
Jusqu' apres ma mort         untillafter my death
Pour couvrir ton corps        for to cover your body
D'or et de lumiere;             with gold and bright light
Je f'rai un domaine             I will give you a kingdom
Ou l'amour s 'ra roi            where LOVE will be king
Ou l'amour s' ra loi            Where LOVE will be the law
ou  tu serais reine              and where you will be queen

Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me

Jacques Brel  - Ne me quitte pas

Nina Simone - Ne me quitte pas

Sting - Ne me quitte pas

Rod McKuen - If you go away

Ibrica Jusić - Nemoj poći sad (Ne me quitte pas)

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